In an effort to further assist the Vermont Alzheimer's Association, and since we are limited in the number of skiiers we can accept, we are always looking to our participants to crank up the fundraising aspect of this event. Since we realize asking for money is nobodies idea of a good time, we have some incentives and tips to get you started!

1. You could get some great gear! We are continuing and expanding our gear incentives this year! The minimum pledge will stay the same ($125.00 or 10 pledges) and we will have bonuses for those who raise more. We will have more information about the incentives as the event gets closer. Click here for details on the incentives and how it works.

2. Use the ONLINE FUNDRAISING TOOL! Click here to check out the online fundraising tool available to us through the Vermont Alzheimer's Association. You can set up your own personal web page, send out emails to friends and family and collect donations online. We'll keep track of your pledges for you! Of course, you can always bring cash or checks on the day of the event as well.

3. Use our fundraising letter template! Click here to download our fundraising letter template. It also will download automatically when you download the registration form. Some of our top fundraisers from last year have had great success with this letter, so give it a try- just add in names and send it out!

4. Fundraising doesn't have to mean phone calls or door-to-door! Make use of email and the postal service. Rather than making a bunch of phone calls, or accosting your neighbor in the supermarket, spend the time going through your address book and send out the template letter or your own letter to an email list, or mail copies. Follow up those leads you feel strongly about with a phone call.

4. The Vermont Alzheimer's Association is a GREAT cause! Chances are, many of the people you contact for pledges will know someone who has, or has been affected by, Alzheimer's. There are as many as 5 million American's living with this disease (and 11,000 fellow Vermonters), and it is fatal- symptoms only get progressively worse. Currently it is the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States. The funds you raise go to The Vermont Chapter of the Alheimer's Association, which means your donations are staying in Vermont, and are helping your friends and neighbors.

We hope these tips help you get motivated. Click here to download the skier letter and pledge sheet and get started! If you have a great fundraising idea that you want to share with others, please let us know and we can post it on this page.