The Camel's Hump Challenge would not be possible without support from the following businesses and individuals. We appreciate and thank you all.


Black Diamond Equipment


Camel's Hump Nordic Ski Area

Clif Bar

Catamount Trail Association

Fleischer Jacobs Group

Jack and Jane Handy

Mad River Glen Ski Area and Ski Patrol


O Bread

Princeton Tec

Select Design

Marc Shattuck Welding
Ph: 802-434-3047

Shelburne Farms

Shelburne Supermarket

Vermont Dept. of Forest, Parks and Recreaton

Outdoor and climbing gear company that donates gear for our event.

Outdoor gear company that donates gear for our event.

Located in Huntington, Vermont, the Camels Hump Skiers' Association is a member-supported, cooperative association dedicated to the enjoyment of cross-country skiing.
The Association maintains over 60km of trails that are open to its members. The Challenge trail begins and ends on this network.

Clif Bar makes organic energy bars and donates food for participants.

The Catamount Trail is a cross-country ski trail that has been in the making since 1984 and was fully linked together in 2008. At 300 miles in length, it spans the state of Vermont from bottom to top. The Challenge trail shares this trail for a short distance.

Established in 1988, Fleischer Jacobs Group is a well-established Vermont based employee benefits firm that provides customized benefit plans and financial planning services for businesses and individuals. FJG generously sponsors our event.

Jack Handy built the barn we use for our registration and "base lodge" 35 years ago. A celebrated member of the 10th Mountain Divsion in World War II, Jack is probably among the first back country skiers to explore the woods around Camel's Hump. He and his wife Jane's love of the outdoors and their desire to share that love with others is part of what this event is all about. We are grateful to their family for allowing us to continually use the property as the base for the Challenge.

"Ski it if you can!" Mad River Glen Ski Area offers up some of the most challenging skiing around, yet has plenty to offer the beginning skier and the whole family. The ski area donates ski passes for our event, and the patrollers from Mad River Glen help keep us safe on our journey, offering their services as a sweep team.

Outdoor gear company that donates gear for our event.

A local, family owned and operated bakery, O Bread uses organic ingredients to make European style breads. They generously provide us with bread to feast on after the Challenge.

Manufacturer of flashlights, head lamps, and other technical lighting sources for outdoor and scuba use. They donate gear for our event.

Brand development company headquartered in Burlington, VT. They make it possible for us to print tee shirts to raise money for the Challenge.

Marc Shattuck lends us a Ring of Fire. A Ring of Fire is his take on an outdoor fire pit. Check the gallery for pictures of it in action! They are fabricated at Marc's shop in Richmond and available directly from him.

A 1400-acre working farm, national historic site and nonprofit environmental education center located on the shores of Lake Champlain. They donate an enormous ham, cheddar cheese and honey mustard for our feast.

Local supermarket in Shelburne, Vermont. They donate soup and other goodies for the feast.

Our route takes us through a great deal of state land, and the Vermont Department of Forest, Parks and Recreation generously gives us permission to use this land for our event.